10 Random Acts Of Kindness Ideas


Kindness is the greatest gift given to humanity and the almighty agent that can truly make the world a better place. Mark Twain once said that kindness ”is a language which the blind can see and the deaf can hear”, because it resonates with the human soul. Being kind and giving back can realistically make a difference in the lives of other people and the world in general, in addition to creating the premises for inner peace and happiness.

Below are a few random acts of kindness ideas that can inspire you to make a difference and promote the happiness and welfare of others.

1. Donate Blood

Helping other people by giving blood is understated; you can literally save their lives by choosing to be a blood donor. Every two seconds a person in the US alone needs a blood transfusion and every day, over 41,000 blood donations are needed by car accident victims, sickle cell disease sufferers and cancer patients. Type O is the blood type most commonly requested by hospitals, because it can be transfused to patients with all blood types. Blood donation is safe and it takes about 10 minutes.

2. Adopt or Foster a Pet From Your Local Animal Shelter

Each year millions of abandoned pets are euthanized in animal shelters because most people never step foot in these shelters. If you choose to be a cat or a dog owner, consider adopting a pet, free of charge, from your local shelter instead of buying it from a breeder or a pet shop. Puppy mills and breeders only interested in financial gain are the reasons why so many dogs and cats are killed every year in animal shelters. You will not change the world by adopting a cat or a dog, but you will change the world of that pet forever.

3. Go Vegetarian or Better Yet, Vegan

Eliminating animal products from your diet can not only make you healthier, but it can also save the lives of innocent animals, reduce the environmental footprint and save you valuable money. The meat and diary industries are cruel and unnecessary – a person can lead a healthy life without consuming diary and meat products.

You can really make a difference by adopting a plant-based diet, because for every one individual not consuming meat and animal products, nearly 900 animals are saved per year. You alone hold the lives of 900 animals in your hands and you have the power to save more than 50,000 innocent animals from slaughter in a lifetime if you choose compassion. Be kind to animals and consider adopting a vegetarian or vegan diet.

4. Donate Food, Water, Clothing or Blankets To People Affected By Natural Disasters or Homeless People

Natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes and tsunamis destroy the lives of people, who often become homeless. You can show these people an act of kindness by donating canned food and bottles of water as well clothing items and blankets you no longer need. Lots of gratitude is what you will get in return.

5. Plant A Tree and Reduce Environmental Pollution

One tree provides a day s supply of oxygen for 4 people. You can have a positive impact on the environment by planting trees, which are known to absorb harmful gases such as carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen, in addition to decreasing the greenhouse effect and lowering the severity of floods.

6. Invite Your Parents Out To Dinner At Least Once A Week

A hectic work schedule often keeps us from spending more time with our loved ones, including our parents. As busy as you may be, find the time once a week to surprise your parents with a dinner invitation, thank them for all they have done for you and enjoy your time together.

7. Volunteer for a Non-Profit Organization or Raise Awareness About A Cause

You can show an act of kindness by donating your time to your favorite non-profit organization or charity focused on a specific cause. These charities function solely with the aid of volunteers who are passionate about various causes. If you are committed to a cause, you can also raise awareness among people and/or organize a fundraiser and be a true inspiration to others.

8. Organize an Intervention To Help Someone Struggling With Drug or Alcohol Addiction

People affected by alcohol or drug addiction are typically reluctant to reach out and seek professional help from addiction specialists. You can improve the quality of their lives and even save their lives by organizing a family intervention which can determine the addicts to finally accept the professional help they need in order to turn their lives around.

9. Be a Hair Donor To Cancer Patients

If you want to get a fresh haircut, you can choose to donate your natural hair to specialized foundations such as Locks of Love which create wigs for cancer patients, including children. Before the hairstylist cuts your hair off, it is best to braid your hair or bundle it in a ponytail. Bleached hair is not usable.

10. Adopt an Orphan Child and Make Him/Her a Part of Your Family

Follow in the footsteps of A-list Hollywood stars such as Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron and Sandra Bullock, all of whom have adopted children from underdeveloped countries and consider adopting an orphan child. There are so many children who have no idea what it feels like to have families of their own; give a lucky orphan the supreme gift in life – to have a family to love, cherish and protect him/her. You can also choose to sponsor an underprivileged child from a poor country.

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