3 Of the Best Luxury Resorts to Visit This Summer

We all deserve the chance to relax and unwind after working hard for the majority of the year and because of this many of us choose to spend our hard earned money on jetting off abroad to sunnier climes for luxurious summer holidays. Holidays are absolutely ideal for those of us who work hard and need to recharge our metaphorical batteries before we return to work and everyday life and tire ourselves out again a few months down the line. If you’re thinking of jetting off abroad for a summer holiday this year, here are 3 of the best luxury resorts to visit this summer.

Montenegro – When people head off on summer holidays, they often choose countries such as Spain, Greece, and Portugal, and whilst there is absolutely nothing wrong with these stunning countries, there are also a number of other hidden gems in the world that you may not have previously considered before. Montenegro is a perfect example as it is home to some of the most luxurious resorts on the planet. With the stunning Adriatic coast, beaches, fjords, mountains, stunning scenery, and luxurious hotels, it’s easy to understand why so many holiday makers flock here in droves every single year for a break that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

South Africa – Africa is quickly becoming one of the most visited and most popular countries for holidaymakers all across the globe, and again, it’s simple to understand why. The stunning continent provides diverse and majestic wildlife, stunning scenery, delicious cuisine, friendly locals, and fantastic surroundings so appealing that you’ll never want to leave. Singita lodges come very highly recommended as they’re luxurious places to stay after a day of sightseeing such as embarking on a wildlife tour of the region, marvelling at creatures such as rhinos, lions, tigers, giraffes, and much more besides. If you’re looking for ideas for your next getaway, South Africa comes highly recommended.

St. Lucia – The Caribbean is a wonderful part of the world when it comes to holiday destinations as the weather is stunning, the beaches look like pure paradise, and truthfully the surroundings are like nothing else you will ever experience. Picture yourself basking in the sun under a palm tree on a white sandy beach, a cocktail in one hand, a good book in the other, as the clear turquoise sea gently laps the shore. It’s like the stuff dreams are made of and those dreams could become reality if you stay in St. Lucia for your next getaway. There are volcanic pitons, diverse wildlife, and amazing resorts such as the Ladera resort. Ladera resort provides amazing and striking views of the sea and surrounding mountains. It is luxury at its finest and if you can, you simply must visit this amazing part of the Caribbean. Food lovers will also be in their element as there is a farm nearby in which much of the local produce comes from on a near daily basis.

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