Finding a trustworthy online retailer for buying your next luxury watch with Bitcoin


While in the not so distant past trying to find a bitcoin-accepting online merchant for the fashion accessory item you want was often complicated or even impossible, there are now an increasing number of options for people who don’t wish to pick their way through hundreds of accessory listings just to find for example Rolex watches or quality jewelry matching their preferences.

When a piece of fashion accessory like a luxury watch is displayed in a shop, surrounded by hundreds of other luxury designs all sparkling you at the same time, it can be difficult to pick out the right one. If you decide to take your shopping online that process becomes much easier as on any quality website you’re presented with filtering options and a curated selection of categories to choose from as well as tailored pricing range choices and various payment methods – all in a few clicks.

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Bitcoin and Luxury Product Retailers Online

It’s now mainstream knowledge that Bitcoins are taking over the cryptocurrency marketplace. No doubt that it is the largest and most well-known cryptocurrency. Many large retailers, including Dell, Expedia, Microsoft, Amazon and Target have adapted to bitcoin to appeal to a wider audience. With the extreme speed of implementation of this technology, it would put any retailer at a disadvantage to not accept this new payment method.

The adaptation of digital currency brings certain advantages for online merchants. The transaction and processing fees of bitcoin are lower so this increases the retailer’s profit margins. The same time making it easier for potential buyers to make a purchase. This can bring significant improvements especially if the products have a high price tag such – in our earlier example of looking to buy Rolex luxury watches, accepting Bitcoin payments definitely makes sense.If you are buying from abroad and you have your credit cards or bank account in a foreign currency then this will also eliminate losses that occur when a currency exchange happens from your local currency to the merchants’ currency. Bitcoin is global so there are no exchange fees.

Historically Bitcoin may have been associated with not-so-legal usage such as its relation to the dodgy Silk Road as well as questionable gambling websites however the growing popularity of Bitcoin and the volume people have invested n both the currency and the technology has seen a large number of legitimate large businesses opening up to the digital cryptocurrency.

So where to spend your precious bitcoin if you are after a luxury watch?

Virtual currency has a long way to go before achieving a wide user-adoption but fortunately, you can already buy fashion and luxury products from quality brands sold by trusted online shops. One of them is – we recommend them highly. Similar to other traditional methods of payment this virtual currency supported by the Blockchain tech might be relatively new, only a few years old but it is reliable and trustworthy.

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