How To Get Over Your Fears


We have all experienced the strong grip of fear at least once during our lives. Fear can be paralyzing, literally. Very few people can say they have never actually experienced any fears. You may fear heights, spiders, rejection or even a downsize. Whatever your fears are, you have two choices – either face them head-on and transform them into opportunities or allow them to take over you and entangle your personality.

In order to discovering how to get over your fears, you need to start by understanding one important concept – fear is not a bad thing in itself. A small degree of fear is necessary in order to keep us away from potential dangerous things that will certainly hurt us. For example, if you climb a tree and you are thinking of jumping down, you should probably experience a certain degree of fear. However, if our fears are the ones controlling us, not vice versa, they will only limit us and prevent us from achieving our dreams, while inhibiting us from living the life at its fullest.

In order to get over your fears and become successful in everything you do, there are five simple things you need to do.

Realize that Fear will Always be There

Even if not everyone else fears the same thing you fear, we all fear something. That’s a fact. By understanding this, you can start help yourself, knowing that you are not alone in your fears. The fact that you are fearful in some aspects of your life does not mean you are a weak person. On the contrary, by realizing that fear will always be there and might show up unexpectedly, you can become a stronger person. Try this tip: go and talk with someone close about your fears and ask what his fears are. You might discover that he once faced that same fears you do now, but he somehow managed to overcome all these paralyzing fears.

Overcome one at a Time

Remember, no one asks you to overcome all your fears at once. You can’t become a perfect man or woman all of a sudden. For instance, if you are afraid of speaking in public, you should start by dealing with other fears connected to this one. You might be shy because you don’t have enough confidence in yourself. If you deal with one fear at a time, you will be able to finally get to those “big” fears you really want to overcome. Make a list, writing down some of the things you are afraid of, and make a goal to overcome only one fear per every week/month.

Start Taking Control of your Imagination

Psychologists and doctors have found a strong connection between fear and anxiety – they both start from deep within. Fear thrives through your imagination. When you imagine potential negative things, your whole body reacts and that’s how fear crawls in. In order to deal with this, you need to take control of your imagination. One of the best techniques to do that is envisioning yourself in the midst of your future fear, staying calm and at peace. Doing this allows your mind to see the whole situation in a different light, a more positive one.

Look at your Fears as Opportunities to Grow

If you manage to look past your fears and discover the benefits of overcoming them, you will be way stronger when it comes to get over your fears. Also, try to look at your fears from a different point of view – consider them opportunities to grow. A good practice is to write down both the pros and the cons of overcoming your fears. You will mostly find benefits.

Do not Fear if you Fail

Failure is part of our lives. Without failing, we will never learn to do things right. However, one of the most common fears nowadays is the fear of failure. This fear short-circuits brilliant ideas, deprives us of the amazing opportunities and experiences that might enrich our lives and also destroys careers. A good example in this case is Thomas Edison. He didn’t stop, even if he tried over 1,000 times to invent the incandescent bulb. Keep going and do not fear if you fail.

Final Words

Getting over your fears is not as complicated as it looks. In fact, fear is not complicated at all. Be yourself, think positive and follow the above tips and you will certainly be successful.

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