How To Get The Dream Job You’ve Always Wanted


So you are in an interview for the job you have always wanted. How do you nail it? The answer is simple: Put your best foot forward. In this article, we give you practical tips on how to convince the interviewing panel that you are indeed the best man or woman for the advertised job and land the job of your dream.

Beat the competition by getting noticed

I bet you know how tough the job market is out there. It doesn’t get more competitive. There are so many people that are applying for the same type of job as you. How do you beat the competition? The answer lies in getting noticed.

Majority of job applications are actually dull. They are not only ineffective but also unnoticed. This is because the people who write these applications do not know that in order to get their dream jobs, they need to be salesmen. These people might be the best for the job but they might not land these jobs because no one will ever notice them. They write stuffs that bore their readers (the hiring panel).

To outdo them, you need to be better than them. Plan your job seeking the way a marketing campaign is planned and then market yourself brilliantly.

Focus on relevant work that you did in the past

Employers want to hire people who jump straight in into the job. Therefore, if you can prove that you have done relevant job in the past, you will have a great edge over the people you are competing with. According to an old adage, your future performance is indicated by your past performance. Therefore, ensure that you have put your best foot forward.

Explain to the company what you can help them with

When enumerating your expertise, be very clear regarding how you may help the company. Do not just list your qualifications but go one step further and show how you will apply your qualifications to improve the company’s fortunes.
You do not need to have 5 years of work experience to show what you are truly capable of. You can use a past work that you did to elaborate on your potentiality.

Network, network, network

Identify some people who work in the sector of your dream job and network with them. Alternatively, find someone who might help you get a connection or a recommendation. This way, you will be able to get inside secrets of how to clinch the job.

Show you are the best

Sometimes, people who are too interested in a job may overstate their eagerness to work for the company. However, this can be counterproductive and may harm your chances of landing the job. Therefore, it is important to keep away from overzealous phrases like: “I’m really looking forward to working in this industry”. This might be interpreted that you are changing a career and it is not good for your chances of getting the job.

The trick in demonstrating your enthusiasm is to highlight what you are currently doing as well as how they lead naturally to the job that you are applying for. No employer wants to hire a risk. They prefer hiring a person who is doing what they do already.


Sometimes, it might take a little bit of free work in order to land your dream job. According to Dan Andrews, only the low-level workers will invoice for 100 percent of the value that they create. Successful entrepreneurs like Fred Wilson or Richard Branson create a lot of value which they never invoice for. Your willingness to work for free will surely set you apart from other candidates that have applied for the same job.

Mistakes to avoid

It is also important to avoid the following mistakes as they can hamper your chances of landing a dream job.
• Do not tell your life story when applying for the job
• Do not skip any instruction
• Avoid saying that you are perfect
• Do not intimate that you are coming to correct some flaws in the company. 


With the soaring unemployment rates, it can be a daunting task to get your dream job. As a result many people have settled for jobs which do not necessarily give them satisfaction. They do work for which they were never trained. But with the tips above, you can nail that job you have always wanted to have.

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