Ideas for ECO Friendly Gifts for Her

Most people now believe that doing a bit of help for the environment does actually make a difference. This is because if you add up all of those little things that everyone does, they result in a big positive impact on the environment. It is now getting to the stage where we consider effects to the planet before we actually do something. One thing that has become popular over the years is buying ECO friendly gifts for her. There are now many of them available, and a few are mentioned below to give you an idea.

There are a lot of ECO gifts available online and in stores, most of them are what we would consider everyday items, such as clothes dryers, clothing, and many other things. However, if you are looking for something more unique, then the price will go up. The best place to find high end ECO friendly gifts for her is on the internet. There are now many online shops selling environmentally friendly gifts, and you could probably spend a day going through them all.

Some people will want to buy a gift for her that is both ECO and expensive, and something that any woman would love is shoes. It is easier to find life on another planet than it is to find a woman who does not like shoes. The best ECO ones available are Tilapia Skin Manolo Blahniks. These are made from sustainable materials including raffia, cork and the skin of tilapia fish, which is a leftover from the food industry. Tilapia are also farm bred in many countries, especially in Asia, which makes it a sustainable fish stock. These shoes sells for around $900 a pair.

Another thing that any woman would love to receive is a handbag. There are many ECO ones available, but to give her something special, a Matt & Nat Vegan Tacoma Bag would be very much appreciated. This is a vintage style oversized vegan messenger bag in midnight black, and is great for the lady who enjoys travelling. It is made from faux leather, has a cork label, and the interior lining is made from 100% recycled water bottles. This bag can be picked up for around $250. There are similar bags available in this price range if you search online.

These days, everyone is pushed for time, and that leads us onto the next ECO friendly gift. Ladies love jewelry and fashion accessories, so you will not go far wrong by buying her a watch which is kind to the environment. WeWood makes a number of styles, both for him and her. They use 100% natural and sustainable wood. Each watch is unique as the wood effect is never the same twice. These watches are around $200 each.

For those people with plenty of money, then battery powered vehicles are now becoming more common on our roads. Whatever ECO gift you buy her, she will use it with pride.


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